The Power is in Your People

Discover Your Potential for Growth

Committed to making the North West of England the best place to work in the world, Anthem exists to help your business grow by engaging your people.

  • In-depth people surveys reveal the truth about an organisation.
  • Accurate and meaningful insight pinpoints how to make a difference.
  • Consultancy guides leaders towards change.

Beginning 15 years ago, Anthem still works with its very first customers. Invested in the success of its clients, Anthem has grown by providing the best insight into engagement through surveys, analysis and consultancy. Now, having assessed 2 million data points in the last 10 years, the team is skilled at spotting patterns and making meaningful connections.

Serving such iconic brands as John Lewis, Waitrose, Regatta, Missguided and Sofology, and spearheading regional change through engagement-focused events, Anthem has the statistics to prove that people matter and the approach to ensure every business benefits getting engagement right.

What we believe

Engage People | Deliver Results


Be a safe pair of hands

We’re experienced. We’ve assessed over 2 million data points. Our clients trust us and this is important work. Knowing what we do changes people’s lives means we take your confidence in our abilities seriously. We’ll always be a safe pair of hands.


Be brilliant

Demand brilliance. Feel brilliant, think brilliantly … be brilliant!

This is a masterclass in excellence.


Be an open book

We share what we know. We advise. We’re open and honest.

What you see is what you get at Anthem.


Be better together

Our people are a barometer for our success. We work better together so we encourage collaboration. We celebrate and grow together and always help when and where we can.

Brilliant people make a business brilliant. Think brilliant. Feel brilliant. Be brilliant.

We are honest and open in our approach, with a passion for sharing what we know.

Work together, grow together, celebrate together.


  • We were very impressed. All our people were made to feel at ease and the feedback was very useful. It gave us a good insight into what we are doing right and areas where we can improve. It should pay dividends in the future.

    Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company

  • From start to finish Anthem has been knowledgeable, supportive and above all, flexible.

    McCann Erickson

  • Anthem’s support has enabled us to really know our people and take action in the right places. We’re no longer guessing or wasting time interpreting meaningless data. With Anthem, we had focused, meaningful information from which to improve our business.