Tailor-made Insights for Regatta

When your 1400-strong international workforce spans an ultra-modern head office, vast warehouse and distribution facilities, and multiple retail outlets nationwide, employee engagement can never be one-size-fits-all.

That was the challenge that prompted Jo Radcliffe, Group HR Director at Regatta, to look for a more fitting solution.

Having completed a UK-based employee survey for many years, Jo and her team of HR business partners were increasingly aware that it failed to pinpoint the truth; it didn’t uncover what employees really thought about the organisation.


Worlds apart

Regatta has some very different work environments. Base Camp (the head office), Pioneer Point (the world-class distribution centre), as well as various fantastic retail stores and concessions.

The nature of the work is so different in each division, and the business itself so unique, that Jo needed to be able to tailor the survey to focus on what mattered to the people in the Group.

The previous survey was fixed, inflexible, limited to the UK and ran at the wrong time in terms of the business’s seasonal peaks. The complex phrasing of some questions often confused employees who spoke English as a second language.

The results were delivered in a torturous 80-slide presentation and the complex data was difficult to extract and reinterpret. Jo’s team would have to spend months deciphering the data to make use of the insights.

Regatta needed a strategic approach to employee engagement that was agile, flexible and worked around them. Simple, tailored and insightful was the name of the game.


Building brilliance

Anthem helps business leaders build brilliant places to work. We partner with people who are committed to creating strong, engaging workplace cultures and who care about doing the best for and with their people.

Our solutions empower business leaders with truthful insights about what their employees really think. We help them get to the heart of employee engagement and transform their organisations from the inside out, influencing talent attraction, employee engagement, customer satisfaction and ultimately financial performance.

Jo heard about Anthem through the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG), and recognised the flexibility of its bespoke approach and popularity with NWEEG members.

With Anthem, Jo would get to ask the right questions and discover exactly what employees thought and felt about working at Regatta. Data compiled and consolidated into easy-to-understand visual representations would help to inform the strategy, direction and behaviours of the business from the board to the shop floor.


Making it happen

The most important part of an employee engagement strategy is the ability to harness the voice of the people.

Anthem conducted three listening groups with people from across the organisation before building a bespoke employee survey. This ensured the survey included themes and challenges that were occurring across all locations and work areas.

Online and paper surveys were available, to cater for those with office jobs and those on the warehouse and shop floors. Confidentiality was absolute and clearly communicated; for this process to be effective, people had to know they could speak openly and honestly.


Revealing results

Regatta’s first survey with Anthem was in 2016. Overall, the business scored 78.7% on the Employee Engagement Index, receiving gold accreditation. Pioneer Point scored 71.2%, which is excellent for a logistics environment. But the survey did highlight some opportunities to improve, such as people believing that their ideas and suggestions would be acted upon.

These insights were presented to Jo in a meaningful, engaging and relevant presentation. Anthem produced posters showcasing top line information and made recommendations to the board regarding the two or three actions that would make the biggest impact.

2017 results rolled in and Pioneer Point had soared to 78.7% on the EEI. The entire business was now hitting 81.2%, a 2% improvement and another gold accreditation.

“Cause and effect in terms of financial performance can be difficult to attribute to one source,” Jo commented. “Does the business perform because our employees are happy? Or are our employees happy because the business is performing? We’ve had two cracking years following considerable changes in the way we operate. Anthem’s support has enabled us to really know our people and take action in the right places. We’re no longer guessing or wasting time interpreting meaningless data. With Anthem, we had focused, meaningful information from which to improve our business.”

“You’ll find the Anthem team very easy to work with. They take time to understand your business goals. They don’t just facilitate a survey but passionately collaborate with your team to help you achieve greater employee engagement.”

The Power is in your People. Are you listening?


% Increase in EEI

% Response Rate