5 stages for getting measurable impact from your engagement survey

Engagement surveys often become little more than a tick-box exercise. But with a small amount of careful consideration you can make real, valuable changes off the back of your results.

Here are our 5 stages for boosting employee engagement with a bespoke survey:


Plan your questions to examine specific problem areas

By creating a bespoke survey you give yourself the opportunity to design questions specific to your organisation, meaning you can assess possible problem areas.

Do you sense your staff may be unhappy with the overtime policy? Are there discrepancies between departments when it comes to personal development opportunities?

You can set up questions to directly test these concerns.


Thoroughly analyse your results

Once you have your results, you will be able to assess factors which are negatively affecting satisfaction, as well as see where you are generating strong levels of engagement.

Working with Scancapture means you are able to benefit from our in-built analytics and reporting, helping you to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses.

From these results you can compile a clear list of issues that need addressing in order to improve overall staff satisfaction.


Action planning

Action planning is where you prove to your employees that their opinion matters. This is where you decide on the changes you will make to help improve any issues flagged by them within the survey.

Involving a cross-section of your organisation to collaboratively decide upon any changes is a good approach for making sure everyone is represented. Third party experts will be able to advice you on practical changes you can make on the back of any negative feedback.


Communicate the changes to the wider organisation

Once you have your changes put in place, you should communicate them to the rest of the organisation. This gives you a chance to thank your staff for their input and show them exactly where and how you have addressed their concerns.


Compare the following year’s engagement survey

By including the same key questions in your survey the following year, you are able to compare the two and measure the impact your changes have made. This comparison will let you know what areas are now generating higher levels of employee engagement, and which areas still need work.


Want to boost productively and staff satisfaction at your organisation? Why not work with Anthem on your next engagement survey in order to get the best from your results.

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