Get ahead next year by tackling employee engagement now

The start of the New Year is a busy time for job hunting, with Standard Life reporting 54% of UK workers wanted to change their role back in January. High staff turnover is always disruptive to a business, but especially so when you’re trying to get the New Year off to a strong start.

So what measures can you take to retain staff in the New Year?

Making sure your staff are engaged helps to limit turnover and increase retention. But good employee engagement practice isn’t as simple as throwing a spectacular Christmas party and hoping for the best.

You need to communicate with your staff to find out how engaged they are and what could be done to make them feel more engaged.

Conducting an employee engagement survey during the final quarter of the year provides you with the information you need to begin tackling engagement ahead of the January blues.

Working with a third party to complete your employee engagement survey means you benefit from expert support, allowing you to focus on the busy year-end period.

A Scancapture survey will enable you to:

  • Receive open, honest and anonymous feedback from staff
  • Get an unbiased and accurate view of how engaged your organisation has been throughout the year
  • Benchmark your results against yourself and other organisations to inform your 2017 targets
  • Assess any key problem areas that need addressing in time for January
  • Communicate any planned improvements to you staff ahead of the New Year

By scheduling your survey for the final quarter, you set a positive precedent for the year ahead. Your staff will feel reassured of their value, helping to improve employee engagement as January comes around.

Want to arrange your engagement survey in time for the end of the year? Talk to one of our survey experts about creating your survey today.

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