Targeting ‘above the line’ employee engagement using Maslow’s hierarchy with NWEEG

Last week saw some of the North West’s leading HR professionals come together at Asda’s offices in Leeds to share transformational employee engagement practice at the North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG)’s latest seminar – Measuring Engagement with Maslow.

Guest speakers were Carl Tabisz and Owen Hickey of Asda, who talked about their experience using ‘culture catalysts’ to drive a positive culture of engagement across their offices, stores and leadership teams. This operating model has now been launched across Walmart International as best practise.

Listening to Asda’s journey to engagement was a fantastic opportunity to take a practical look at how large organisations have been able to successfully tackle engagement, and provided valuable takeaways for delegates from businesses of all sizes and industries.

Attendees commented that the day was:

  • ‘An opportunity to hear the inspirational ways in which other professionals have tackled transformational employee engagement’
  • ‘An interesting, thought-provoking, fun’
  • ‘Informative with quality sessions of a higher level than a typical networking event’
  • ‘Provided lots of examples for me to use when explaining concepts to senior management’

Founder of NWEEG and Managing Director of Scancapture Steve Smith spoke about the Focus100 initiative, in which an organisation should be aiming to have 100% of employees ‘above the line’ and into Maslow’s top three levels of engagement; belonging, esteem, and self-actualisation.

If you’d like to discover practical ways to increase engagement levels at your organisation, visit the NWEEG site to take part in their next event – Engaging Managers and Leaders.

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