The secret to workplace happiness – revealed

Maintaining workplace happiness is crucial to the wellbeing of your employees, as well as your overall growth and productivity.

According to research carried out by the University of Warwick, happiness makes employees 12% more productive at work. The study also showed that companies like Google have invested more in employee support and seen their employee satisfaction rise by 37%.

However, despite this insight, the UK’s workplace happiness levels are reportedly falling, with the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Employee Outlook revealing overall satisfaction is currently at a two-year low at 40%.


So, what can be done to increase workplace happiness?

Understanding how your employees feel at work will help you identify the changes that need to be made to enhance their overall happiness within the workplace.

One of the ways in which you can truly get to know your employees is by conducting a bespoke staff survey, which enables you to ask them specific questions about how you could improve their day-to-day experience of working within your organisation.


Which areas should your survey focus on to achieve improved workplace happiness?


The working environment

Do your employees feel like they are ill-equipped to do their job? Is the office too noisy or poorly laid out? Or perhaps the overall environment is simply dull and unpleasant to be in?

These may seem like surface details, but poor surroundings can have a negative impact on motivation levels.

Social opportunities

The bonds we form at work can make all the difference between coping with stressful periods or becoming unhappy and snowed under by your work. Would your team enjoy quarterly afternoon outings? What activities would people prefer? These types of questions not only help make your staff feel valued but enable you to create new initiatives that’ll really help boost your team’s happiness levels.

Health and wellbeing

Healthy eating and exercise initiatives are now a common practice among larger organisations and something as simple as offering fresh fruit once a week can brighten up an employee’s day.

Healthier, happier employees are more productive – but this isn’t something you can enforce. Use your survey to understand what your employees would prefer. Whether it’s a lunchtime run club or discount gym membership – you won’t know truly what’s going to be well received unless you ask.

Workplace benefits

A benefit scheme is a great way of increasing workplace happiness and retaining your staff, but unless you understand what your staff would most appreciate, they’re most likely to fall on deaf ears.

You can try and guess what your workforce may value, but surely it’s considerate to ask? Using your survey to find out what benefits your employees would most enjoy allows for more autonomy, as well as providing your employees with something they genuinely want and look forward to receiving.


Discover what would make your employees feel happier and boost your productivity levels by talking to one of our survey experts about creating your bespoke staff survey today.

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