Think employee benefits alone will encourage your staff to stay? Think again

Employee benefits are one way in which you can help your staff feel happier at work, with one-fifth of employers providing voluntary benefits, such as a gym membership or retail discounts.

What’s more, research by recruiting website, Glassdoor, has also revealed that more than a third of employees admit perks and benefits are among their top consideration before accepting a new job.

However, the mistake many employers make is to go down the route of introducing benefits and thinking that’s all they need to do to keep their staff happy. Unfortunately, it’s not enough.


Employee benefit schemes require thought and attention and shouldn’t just be simply treated as a tick box exercise

The key to introducing benefits that will be well received by your workforce is to do your research first otherwise you run the risk of coming across as being disingenuous. You also run the risk of wasting your money by investing in benefits that don’t appeal to your employees.


So, how do ensure your employee benefits will be well received?

Surveying your staff will enable you to quickly establish their requirements and which benefits would most be of interest to them. You can also weigh up your employees’ priorities against your budget to develop a scheme that’s realistic for both parties.


Here are three areas you should cover:

1. Assess your employees’ values

Would private healthcare be the majority choice? Or do your employees prefer having flexible working hours and holidays? How would they rate access to new gadgets, high street vouchers, or travel insurance? You need to build up an accurate picture of their priorities to understand what will be most valued.

2. Test potential benefits

Have you been offered a fantastic deal on a local gym membership? Don’t be tempted to offer it as a benefit without asking first – your staff may be disappointed. Test the water by polling how many employees would join up if it was offered.

3. Ask for suggestions

This is incredibly important. Although some of the suggestions might not be in line with your budget or remit, asking your employees what they want shows them that they are valued. What’s more, you might end up with a really successful new idea you hadn’t even thought of!

Want to ensure your employee benefits hit the right mark with your staff? Talk to one of our experts about creating a survey to discover what your employees really want. Call on 01254 697 110 or fill in our online enquiry form.

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