Sharing proven employee engagement strategy with NWEEG

The North West Employee Engagement Group (NWEEG) is a unique organisation which brings together HR professionals across the region to learn more about how better employee engagement can lead to increases in retention and productivity.


Want to increase productivity through successful engagement at your organisation?

We thought you might. NWEEG members also share this aim, and work collectively to increase employee engagement at all their respective organisations, across a huge range of industries.

Because employee engagement theory is always changing, it’s important for HR professionals to have an accessible means by which to keep up-to-date with all the latest strategies for creating a thriving organisation.


Sharing proven engagement strategy

Hosting regular CIPD accredited events, the NWEEG platform offers members a chance to share their knowledge and learn from each other’s experiences.

With members like Sofology and Asda alongside HR professionals from a huge range of industries including healthcare, law and the public sector, NWEEG offers a unique opportunity to hear first-hand accounts of how HR leaders have transformed their organisations.

Discussing the everyday practises of other HR teams provides members with real, tangible insights to take away and implement within their own organisations for shared success.


Developing specific strengths and combatting weaknesses

NWEEG seminars are member hosted events, held across the North West. The meetings are never more than a couple of hours, enabling them to fit within the tight schedules of the membership.

Made up of a bite-size chunks of information, the seminars offer a mixture of presentations, discussions and networking, providing an interactive experience.

The seminar’s focus on specific areas of engagement, enabling members to develop their own specific strengths and weaknesses. Most recently members looked at Measuring Engagement with Maslow’s hierarchy.

The next NWEEG seminar is hosted by Sofology and focuses on Engaging Managers and Leaders.


What NWEEG members have to say

‘An opportunity to hear the inspirational ways in which other professionals have tackled transformational employee engagement.’

‘The events, content and speakers are relevant, current and inspiring. I can quite honestly say they are the best, most relevant and informative events of their type.’

‘A brilliant opportunity to hear first-hand from public and private sector colleagues on how engagement has worked for them.’


Want to learn and share with some of the HR industry’s forefront thinkers? Become a part of the North West’s largest engagement community. Find out more, or book now to join our next seminar on the 14th September in Golborne.

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