Holding up a mirror like this is powerful.
You’re going to understand what’s great about your business and what needs work.
So, what can you expect to see from your survey?

Our skill is in interpreting data and presenting it to you in a way that’s easily understood.
With over 2 million data points under our belts, we can expertly spot trends and benchmark your organisation in terms of industry, sector, location and more.

A presentation in signature Anthem style (think high energy and enthusiasm) will walk you and your leadership team through what’s going on in your business, what people think, what they feel and how this manifests through behaviour.

We’ll help you understand the positives and turn up the volume on what’s great. We’ll also help you identify areas that need work.

Your people can view engaging videos that highlight results, and we encourage leaders to run ‘You Said, We Did’ sessions with everyone. These are designed to highlight what came through in the results and the steps leaders will take to immediately fix issues and to amplify success.


The most common discoveries.

Pinpoint The Truth



You have to love the numbers!


An engaged employee is 87% less likely to leave an organisation.


2.5% increase in employee engagement per year adds 4.0% to the bottom line.

Brand Engagement

83% of people say they do not have a compelling and engaging employer brand.


90% of engaged people say they have a manager who ‘lets them get on with their job’.


Now you know the truth about your organisation, what are you going to do?

It’s what happens next that determines how your business will grow.

Through future-planning workshops, we can help you create a strategy for engagement. We can help you build an actionable plan for all leaders to share and offer monthly and quarterly workshops to ensure everything is on track. Are you ready to evolve?



  • We were very impressed. All our people were made to feel at ease and the feedback was very useful. It gave us a good insight into what we are doing right and areas where we can improve. It should pay dividends in the future.

    Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company

  • From start to finish Anthem has been knowledgeable, supportive and above all, flexible.

    McCann Erickson

  • Anthem’s support has enabled us to really know our people and take action in the right places. We’re no longer guessing or wasting time interpreting meaningless data. With Anthem, we had focused, meaningful information from which to improve our business.