Now you know the truth, what will you do next?

If you’re committed to evolving your workplace, boosting engagement, impacting your bottom line and becoming one of the best places to work in the North West, you must act now.

No two organisations are alike. Just as your survey and results will be individual to your business, so too will your engagement strategy.

Your business might need purpose: the thing which people stand up for, fight for, which gives them a sense of fulfilment and belonging.

Perhaps you need to create and embed values, define your vision or mission. Maybe you need to connect with your suppliers or your local community. Do you need to listen to your customers? Are you doing the right thing?

Do your leaders need to learn to listen, inspire, guide and motivate your people? Do they need help to build trust and create winning teams? Or understand how the creation of flexible, collaborative workplaces can boost engagement?

All of these things (and more) make up the engagement ecosystem. Each piece is reliant on another if it hopes to thrive. That’s why it’s so important for the action you take to be strategic. Accountability and commitment are key.

Our team of expert engagement specialists can help you continue your journey towards greater engagement. Consultants and trainers with many years’ experience, the Anthem team is poised to help you evolve.

What you do now matters. It will not only make your business an incredible place to work, it will change people’s lives.

When you engage people, you deliver results.




  • We were very impressed. All our people were made to feel at ease and the feedback was very useful. It gave us a good insight into what we are doing right and areas where we can improve. It should pay dividends in the future.

    Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company

  • From start to finish Anthem has been knowledgeable, supportive and above all, flexible.

    McCann Erickson

  • Anthem’s support has enabled us to really know our people and take action in the right places. We’re no longer guessing or wasting time interpreting meaningless data. With Anthem, we had focused, meaningful information from which to improve our business.