The fastest way to influence behaviour is to understand it. And guessing only gets you so far.

What if you could get to the guts of what’s really going on and pinpoint the truth?

Professionally facilitated independent surveys allow your employees, customers, suppliers or the community to confidently respond to questions about your organisation.

Our bespoke approach creates an environment with no politics or peer pressure where people know they’ll be heard. This is where honest beliefs emerge and your engagement evolution begins.



Our unique listening groups set the journey in motion. Interactive and energising, the engagement process starts here. We get people together, face-to-face, shut the door and ask questions about the business.

In this safe environment, we begin to understand how people think and feel and what they do in and outside the workplace. We start to build a picture of the business: what it does, its purpose and values, structure, leaders and groups.



This intel helps us define the type of survey that would best suit your organisation. How it should be delivered and which questions will get to the guts of what’s really going on.

We share the questions with you and your leadership team before the survey is sent.



With you and your leadership and marketing teams, we help create a communications plan that will maximise your survey response rate.

Posters, animated videos, emails and presentations are created to let your people know about the survey, what it is, what it does, when it happens and what results we can expect to see.

This vital step is another important part of the engagement journey, boosting response rates and showing people you’re listening.



Some people are office based, dealing with computers and phones every day. Others are manual workers with no access to IT. It’s important to understand the needs and constraints of your people and deliver your survey in a way that makes sense for them.

Depending on this, on launch day your survey will be sent by post, email or through an app, or it may be available in hardcopy format throughout your business. Freepost addresses can be provided for completed surveys and ballot boxes can be placed on site.



Now you’ve listened to your people, it’s time to understand what they mean. Having collated more than 2 million data points over the years, we can expertly analyse your results and spot trends in the data.




  • We were very impressed. All our people were made to feel at ease and the feedback was very useful. It gave us a good insight into what we are doing right and areas where we can improve. It should pay dividends in the future.

    Real Lancashire Black Pudding Company

  • From start to finish Anthem has been knowledgeable, supportive and above all, flexible.

    McCann Erickson

  • Anthem’s support has enabled us to really know our people and take action in the right places. We’re no longer guessing or wasting time interpreting meaningless data. With Anthem, we had focused, meaningful information from which to improve our business.