Addressing the cost of disengaged employees to your business

Back in 2014 the Centre for Mental Health estimated disengaged employees cost UK businesses £15 billion a year – and it’s a figure that’s forecast to rise.

However, the impact of disengaged employees isn’t just financial. It’s all encompassing and it’s ongoing.

Many businesses see their productivity levels take a nosedive as their staff aren’t engaged enough in their roles and, a result, aren’t reaching their full potential. Disengaged employees are also highly likely to feel unhappy – something that as a business leader or HR professional you have a responsibility to remedy.


So how can you tackle the negative impact of disengaged employees within your workplace?

Carrying out a bespoke employee engagement survey will a) enable you to communicate with your staff and b) discover how they feel about their role. You can also identify and understand which employees may be disengaged and detect any patterns or particularly disengaged departments.

Working with a third party survey specialist like Scancapture allows you to custom build an online survey. Compiling a mixture of quantitate and qualitative questions specific to your organisations means you can:

  • Uncover any specific factors causing your staff to feel disconnected or undervalued
  • Assess attitudes towards your company’s culture
  • Ask your staff about specific things that could be changed in relation to their roles, such as flexible working or clear time management processes, for instance

Unfortunately, until you communicate with your staff candidly to understand where their disengagement is stemming from, it’s not possible for you to challenge the implications of this negative mindset.


Re-engaging your staff to increase productivity

Once you’ve established the factors that are causing your employees to feel disengaged, you’ll then be in a much stronger position to make the necessary changes required to turn things around.

Whether it’s overbearing management, a distracting office environment or an unpredictable workload – you’ll be a much stronger position to proactively tackle the implications and implement the necessary measures to prevent future disengagement.

By creating an organisation where you communicate openly with your staff, you create a responsive business which continues to improve and increase in profitability.

A bespoke staff survey is the first step to tackling disengagement limiting the cost of disengaged employees – both to your business and the well-being of your staff. Talk to us about creating your bespoke survey today.

In the meantime, find out more about the benefits of using bespoke surveys by reading our blog, ‘Five reasons why staff surveys need to be bespoke.’

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