Boost your business’ profitability through employee engagement alone

Why an employee survey is the foundation of your engagement strategy

Our work with clients has shown that a 2.5% increase in employee engagement in the space of a year can generate 4% extra profit for the business. Do you want to see these results at your organisation? This blog will show you how.

In order to increase employee engagement you need to first understand the current level of engagement within your organisation. There are lots of methods out there, but one of the most efficient and proven ways of achieving tangible results is by carrying out an employee survey.

An employee survey paints a clear picture of how satisfied your staff are across your organisation and enables you to make informed changes for a happier and more productive workforce.

The results of your survey will not only enable you to track your progress, but act as a blueprint for creating an engagement strategy that evolves over time.

So, how do your survey results help to shape your engagement strategy?

Analysing your survey results is the first step towards implementing changes that will actually help your staff feel more engaged. However, this analysis shouldn’t be treated as a one-off exercise. Your results should be viewed as a point of reference for the year to come.

Here are just some of the ways your survey results will inform your engagement strategy:

1. Start valuable team discussions

Once your results are processed, they should be discussed within teams, using managers as the facilitators. The results provide the point of discussion for colleagues to talk openly about what they think is working well and what could be improved.

2. Prioritise key areas for improvement

As the discussions evolve, teams should look at the areas that they are doing least well in and choose a few key priorities to focus on improving over the coming weeks. Say, for example, there are communication problems between employees and their line managers, the team could decide to set up weekly office drop-in sessions as a solution.

3. Track your progress and re-address your priorities

Holding team meetings every few months will allow teams to assess where improvements are being made and to choose new priorities to address. Using your survey results as the reference point will allow you to look back on problem areas to ensure they aren’t overlooked.

4. Measure against next year’s results

By gradually tackling problem areas head on, you’ll be able to make consistent progress as the year goes on, leaving you in a much stronger position for your next annual employee survey. Comparing the results will paint a clear picture of how much you’ve improved and where there’s still work to be done.

Whatever your results show, your survey will form the basis of your future progress, enabling you to create an engagement strategy that ultimately adds to the profitability of your entire organisation.

Want to start increasing your employee engagement? Talk to one of our experts about carrying out your employee survey today.

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