Listen, improve and grow – acting on your staff engagement results

Whatever type of staff engagement survey you choose, the most important part comes next – how you act on your results

So, you’ve conducted a staff engagement survey, but what now? How do you transform your employee feedback into tangible information capable of boosting your business?

As the North West’s leading survey specialists, these are the questions we often get asked by HR professionals from across a wide range of sectors.

As challenging as the prospect of getting the best possible results from your staff engagement survey might be, it is achievable, with the right approach.

The output from a survey can feel over-facing, but at Scancapture we work alongside all our clients to guide them through the process.


We believe staff engagement surveys shouldn’t just simply be treated as a tick box exercise

We’ve been helping businesses use their staff surveys to improve their organisational wellbeing, increase productivity and secure company-wide buy-in for two decades by:

  • Working collaboratively with them to help define clear goals from the outset
  • Building a thorough action plan based on their survey results
  • Providing clear analytics and professional consultancy that enables them to successfully interpret their feedback and guide them through the process, every step of the way

Believe it or not, the conversations you have and the changes you make after your survey is where you can unlock the most value.

We can help you unlock this value. Talk to one of our experts today about how we can turn your survey results into a catalyst for growth by calling us on 01254 697 110 or emailing to arrange your free consultation.

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