It’s time to stop using DIY survey tools to measure staff engagement

Using a DIY online survey tools like Survey Monkey might seem like the simple option, but it’s going to negatively impact your results. Here’s how:

diguiseYour staff will see through it

Using a DIY online tool to put together a quiz seems like the easy option – but that’s exactly how your staff will see it. And if they perceive you as putting in the minimum effort, can they be expected to put in any more?

To get a good response rate you need to show your employees that engagement is something you take seriously, and working with a third party engagement professional will demonstrate this commitment.




hidingPeople will be less honest

DIY survey tools mean exactly that – you do it yourself within your HR department. This is undoubtedly convenient but is it going to get the best answers from your respondents?

Your staff may worry about their results being seen, and perhaps even feel like they might get in trouble for being honest!

Using a third party to conduct your survey provides an added layer of anonymity, meaning your staff will be more up front with their answers, and you will get a truly objective view of your organisation.


It’s on you to write the questions20_questions_1954

Aside from the fact that as an employee of your organisation you will be biased, coming up with non-leading, insightful questions is difficult!

Whether you choose an off the shelf survey solution or a bespoke survey, working with a third party enables you to benefit from their engagement expertise.

At Scancapture we have 20 years’ worth of survey experience so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll advise you on tried and tested routes of inquiry and help you construct impartial questions that generate genuine responses.


papersYou have to trawl through the results

Putting together an online survey might not take long, but what happens when all the results are dumped on you? Do you have the expertise or time to sift through and manually pull out the findings?

A third party survey will have predeveloped reporting, meaning all the hard work is done for you. Your results will be clearly communicated back to you, saving you days of messy and confusing analysis.


Startup Stock PhotosIs there anybody out there?

Although online survey tools are equipped with good user platforms, what happens if you have a question about the content? Or what if you have an anomaly in your results?

Sometimes you just want to ask your question to a real person, not google! Working with Scancapture, we work collaboratively with you to guide you through the whole process – offering as much or as little support as you need.


Think it’s time to move on from an online survey tool? Get in touch and talk to us about an off the shelf solution or creating a bespoke survey.

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